faithless hope

once upon a wasted time

though conditioned my frame of mind was aligned
to the posture of many witless actions

phobia is perhaps a condition which can be tamed
upon the verbs of the bible game

though i find the destruction of things by burning to be an invention of these very men

slowly, that consistent flame of time reveals more to me

that thoughtless paradox of most unequivically sound knowledge

cannot be held with a permanent intensity,

the utter crimes of civilized humanity

the lust of those seeking different experiences,

deranged immorality and deception

yes, it is a room that lacks a rapid exit

faltering in those moments, my derision

the tide of time, turns slowly yet eternity cannot remove consiousness

you elegant being




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Burke! Long time no read.

Burke! Long time no read. Feelin faithfully hopeful. good to see you around.

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Glad to hear

I hope your days are well

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Pretty well. A little sad, a

Pretty well. A little sad, a little happy, a little bored, a little busy. Overall not bad. Happy 4th!

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