Lost and alone in darkness

Living in a world of lonelyness.

One dream of my night in shining armour coming to rescue me.

Some people say I'm crazy, that I'm living in a dream world.

They don't see life how I do.

Alone in a cruel world.

Nobody likes me for who I am, turning me to darkness.

Daring me to creep inside the world of darkness.

Anyone who has ever hurt me in any way will pay.

Living for myself has made me a happier person.

One by one the demonds will fall.

Now I find myself wondering, lost in a world of darkness.

Everyday wondering if anyone cares.

In and out of life I go.

Never finding the light of this realm, the relm of darkness.

Darkness is rueling my life.

Anybody, are you there?

Resting for a while will recover my strength.

Knealling on the hard ground.

Nobody around, I'm lost and alone in darkness.

Everyday things seem easier to handle.

Someday I will find my way out of here.

Someday soon.

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in darkness you may fall
but you'll find so many along with you
who have beckoned to the call
emissaries cross the threshold into a whole new life
for some it's a blessing
others it makes them grab a knife
this world of darkness may seem strange
but it's got a lot to offer if you listen
to whispers of bands like Xasthur or Vital Remains
in suffering you find strength
in strength you find power
in power your chains are broken
you may think you're alone
but you're far from it
while you kneel upon broken stones
God won't save you and you don't need Him
why live a simple life of purity
when you can indulge in all the funs of sin?
you can scream in this place and you'll be heard
temptations lift you up where dogmas brought you down
and in time what you want will be found, and your search
will be over...

there are those who care that live in the shadows
they'll find you when you least expect it
but when you find someone who understands you, you'll know