Used and abused

Used and abused by the one I loved.

Sick and tired of all the hurt and pain.

Everyday a new bruise or cut.

Douting I'd ever find the strength to leave.

Another day another fight to get everything right.

Never have I felt so hurt and alone.

Driping down my face my tears began to fall.

Another day a whole new life.

Before I was afraid to leave.

Used and abused is a thing of the past.

So I start to travel the road to my new life.

Everyday thinking to myself "what a stupid person I was to    stand for all that".

Determained never to go back, I turn my back and walk into the horizon.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is basically a short story of what has happened to me in the past 1year and 5 months.
Hope you all like it.

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Sharon Wunsch's picture

I relate. Though I've been physically abused
kicked punched slammed into things, covered with bruises,
in my case the psychological abuse has been much worse.
Good for you for moving on.