Night Walk #2

Night walk

The rain-slick 


And whispering trees

In little cages begging to be let free

But you can't

Free them


You are running too

From and empty sky

Of glistening night

And talking stars 

That never say much


You are running from

The fear


All will pass says the old 

Man with dead eyes

And missing heart

A heart stolen from him

Long ago

His eyes see only her

And all that's left is his voice to 

Cry with in



His eyes saw only her

They are empty now


You quickly pass him by

As god passed you

When writing names in his

Life book


Fuck god

You say

Never needed him

You say

But the city is too much

And it's drowning you 

With noise and ghosts

That only wanted to live

And only got to live 

And died here in these

Now quiet lamp-lit streets

Of orange

They only lived

And died 


Every last godforsaken man woman and child

Who came and stayed

For a while

Then left in tears

With nothing left

But a grave


Your soul is running now

But if your feet follow 

The game is up

And it will know

And it'll come

The fear


The fear of being alone

The fear of living without purpose

The fear of death

The fear of fear itself

But most of all

The fear of growing old and knowing

Knowing in your wrinkled old brain

And your missing heart

And your running soul

That you never escaped

The fear

That you never had a thing come true for you

That you never lived a day

And you sit in the streets

And you wait

Just as you have always waited

And then you too


Lonely in life

All Alone in death


But out here

On this night walk

With the voices of stars in your ears

And a life-time before you

Of fear?


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