Lets Work It Out

used to look at you from far

i recall the times finding a way to reach you

the nearest we get was walking past each other

getting to know you it seems can never come true

God gave me chance to get to know you

what i thought would never come, is now a reality

i realised my intentions, but never conclude

admitting the interest i had in you

days past i can no longer see it coming

time ticked fast, everything is soon ending

i decided to deny the feelings for you

cause it seems can never get through

denying it was the hardest moment

but i had to force it out before it stays permanent

i bow out, looking from far away

finding news bout you as an update

when i thought the feelings no longer exists

the moment i see you again

its still inside me, still active

another chance given to know you closer

how i wish this will last forever

holding your hands, walking on street

it seems like a dream turned reality

from what i used to see on gallery

now you're beside me in reality

looking and staring at your face

you are the girl i truly await

when my heart is totally shut

you open it up proving how wonderful love can be

now you're near, not far anymore

continue to hold my hands

and lead me to the lighted end

i am not someone rich

but for sure i am willing to give my heart

i've regained strength, standing back on my feet

you are my soul, my heartbeat

keep holding my hands, never be gone

for our love...lets work on

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