The Ignorant Atheist

Every breath that you breathe,

Tries to disprove how we concieve,

Tries to analyse how we believe,

Every step that you take,

Tries to destruct and rake,

Tries to brainwash and make us fake.

Every labelled badge with which you pin,

Tries to laugh at us like Lucifer when we sin,

Tries to disprove the Heavenly belief that we're unconditionaly forgiven.

Where do atheists go when they die?

Do your books make you happy?

Mine does. It gives me faith.

Do your stories keep you company?

Mine do. I'll never be alone.

Does your jewellery give you strength?

Mine does. I'm protected.

So as long as I wear Him around my neck, you can take your ignorance and your media-enforced opinions and




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just written because of some fool who I do philosophy with who just loves to pick holes in the Catholic faith: because he's an attention seeking fat cunt who knows naff all about other religions. I don't know his name. If I knew it. It would be the title of the poem. Along with a hearty 'I hope you fucking choke [Insert Name Here].

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frozteesback's picture

So... you wish an eternity of infinite and never ending misery and torture on anybody who doesn't believe in the same things as you? Not only must you be a complete moral degenerate for that, but you also have no grip on reality.
No offense ;-)