Down Bitch

Stay down, bitch.

Here's your fucking collar,

Put it on so I can walk you,

Put on your fucking collar bitch,

You're my dog now and I'll haunt you,

You'll sit and kneel and chew and beg,

Just like your Mistress wants,

You'll never stand up to me again,

Because you've felt this fist more than once.

Next time you feel like testing the water,

Do it in a fucking paddling pool where you belong,

The deep end is for the big girls,

Not for toddlers learning to doggy paddle.

That's right, doggy paddle like the little bitch you are,

I'm telling you now that you won't get far,

Even if you get your little mongrels to take a chance,

They'll end up on the floor just like you did.

Bless you and your fairy wings, Tinkerbell.

I didn't mean to tear them off like I did,

But they were getting in my way.

I suggest you lie in your kennel and that's where you stay.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Down you little wannabe bitch. Slutface, skank whore.

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Samantharr's picture

Holy shit thats powerful..