Note: To All Those Who Care

Can I just make it clear that I would never harm myself?

Some of you seem to think I'm someone else,

Someone who can't handle all of the shit you throw,

Well I can. And I will. Your bullshit helps me grow.

Although I may sound suicidal,

And at times I am,

I'd rather slap your silly face,

Than end up like my Gran.

It's not my time to go yet,

I've got a lot to do,

I'll be with her one day soon,

But right now I'll piss off you.

You seem to think I'm emo,

Some go as far as to say I'm crazy,

But none of you can comprehend,

The situations I've been in that made me.

You all live in your Dior handbangs,

And in your TN trackies,

Looking down on Susie,

And not seeing that you're a bunch of pansies.

Maybe I used to be a gossip and loud,

But right now I'm a strong woman and I've made my father proud.

Can any of you say that?

I doubt it.

Unless having Grandchildren at 35 is his sorta thing.

You all think that you're better than me now,

Because you're off out in the world,

But you're just a bunch of toddlers,

Trying to understand a new word.

The things I've done and seen,

Are unspoken to the likes of you,

You're just a fucking animal.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Well here's a challenge for you haters,

Go pick on someone else,

To make your lives feel better,

To make you feel like you've inner wealth.

I'ma just carry on pretending like you never even were there,

Supporting my Dad and Brother,

So to all of those who care,

I'm not going to slit my wrists,

My throat or take a deadly pill,

Because if it ever comes down to it,

You'll be the one I kill.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Now you've heard my final word on the matter. Now leave me the fuck alone.

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ApandaRae's picture

Oh and I just wanted to add that I absolutley love the closing lines. ")

ApandaRae's picture

Wow I can't even begin to explain how fucking amazing this poem is. I know exactly how you feel. I know a lot of people may say that, but seriously. I hate when people read my poetry and cannot comprehend what I'm trying to portray, the point I'm trying to prove, or the problem I'm trying to solve. Here in this piece you make it very clear, without an ounce of confusion. I very much like your writing. It shows that judging people based on their own background is wrong, and exactly how fake this world is becoming. But anyway that's just what I got from it. Keep up the good work I look forward to reading more.

brokenfairy's picture

Yo ho.
Glad to hear shizzle is going fine.
I'm just wondering why you think I've called you a fugly slut?
News to me. I've not spoken to you in months and last I heard, all the shit was behind us. I text you. No reply as of yet. I didn't have a clue who you was!
Love ya beeyatch.

Rachel Wharton's picture

fugly slut checkin in!!!
just gotta say biatch u r a gud writer! my friend is on here so i thought id check 2 c how urs are goin!! o yeah u probably knw i was talkin 2 andy, he loves u!!
my life is gud incase u were wonderin! shit hot actually without helen...but hey u shud get a book goin or summat bout these poems!! like i sed in me text i think u have an issue wit me and i dnt see y. thought we had sorted this immature shite out but text me ok hun?? SO FETCH!!!

deathflavoredgum's picture

Dude, i am so inlove with your 'fuck you I don't care' attitude!! That is so rare and hard to find. And 'suicidal/creepy' poems are the most fun to write, and you have the right to tell people who think you're strange to fuck off. i'll say it with you to all those preppy pricks. Fuck 'em. Great stuff, keep it up.

searching_sky's picture

This is so damn good

Dean Devlin's picture

Fuuuuuuuuck. I loved this one, it sounds like a rap song, it's got such a flow and without anything being fixed or repetitive, there's no pattern as such, no "right... ten sylables and no compromise", it's a style brimming with freedom and "I don't give a fuck" so good on you!
I really wanted to put a beat to it, but you're white ass couldn't rap for shit cracka' *wink*