You want me to be just like you, do you?

That cruel? That harsh?

That weak?

You haven't given me a chance to have my say.

Why won't you listen to me speak?

You think that I'm just like her,

But that really isn't true.

If I wanted to be her daughter,

I wouldn't be here with you.

I try so hard to live up to your expectations,

But you always push me back down,

I'm sure that you see the effort I put in,

But your smiles always turn into a frown.

I may not have your dark brown eyes,

And I may have her face and hair,

But at the end of the day it's you who's there,

So why do you think that I care?

About what she has to offer,

Now that she's living it up.

I'd rather be with you,

But you're breaking my tough skin,

There's only so much of you in me,

Which is why my weakness is setting in.

You may see my stubborn side,

The way I lie so easily,

But what it is you fail to see,

Is that it's you who put that into me.

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He probally knows how dam stupid you are
and trying to teach you better
oh yes we kow every thing do we
thats why we make such intelligent decisisons