Gummi Bear Massacre

Do they scream as you bite off their head?

Do you even count how many at your hand are dead?

The strawberry ones just taste so sweet,

But how many of their family are you going to eat?

There goes an auntie. An uncle or two.

Would you do this to fucking Winnie The Pooh?

Down your throat straight into your tummy,

You don't think of their pain, you're just thinking 'yummy',

Down goes another - an orphan remains,

You viciously pull it apart - body from brains,

An empty packet is all you have left,

No thought for the tens of thousands of deaths.

This is the Gummi Bear Massacre.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What. The. Hell. Lol.

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deathflavoredgum's picture

Now the real comment. This poem is so damn awesome on so many levels. It's sooo off the wall and random that you just have to love it. You have this unique glow (a dark glow at times) about you that is just great. ;)

deathflavoredgum's picture

you can delete this one, i just wanted to say that i'm sorry you had a rough day yesterday and i'm glad i helped (somehow) cheer you up. hope today goes better for you

Jenny Barth's picture

omg....I never knew what I was doing.
I feel so guilty!
I'm sorry GUMMY BEARS!!!

Could do with some now though..damn they are tasty's picture

again, i don't know what to say. but i found it hilarious, in a good way. i've never read anything like it. cute!