Free From Want

And they say it should be getting easier,

I can see it has for you,

But I don't feel any different,

My emotion is still blue.

And like the stars in the sky,

They can still be seen,

For years after their death,

My feelings for you can still be felt,

Months after you left.

But the stars - they keep on shining.

I guess that 'Life Goes On'

Just like in our song.

So I'll just keep on smiling,

And putting on this front,

Until the day my star explodes,

And I'm free and free from want.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nothing to say about this one.

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that_one_girl's picture

I lost the love of my life in a very tragic way, this reminds me somewhat of that, so I love it I must say :)

Kathleen Mclallen's picture

I really like this poem. Its a really good one. I definately know how you feel.