If he loved you that much,

Why did he come after me?

If he loved you that much,

Why did he spend the last few weeks together he had with you with me?

If he loved you that much,

Why does he tell me that he never did?

You're trying to fight me,

Don't take your pain out on me,

I know he'd never have you back,

And you wouldn't take him back too,

You ever thought he was crying out of guilt?

As he was with me when he was with you?

I'm not saying that he didn't care,

Never once would I even try,

To comprehend what you two shared in your two months...

But it can't be anymore than what I have with him now,

In my December, January, February...

Let's not forget the March, April,

Woah now we're in May.

You're going to be coming back anyday.


Yeah I felt it at first,

Scared your beauty would steer him from me,

Scared he'd still want you,

To kiss you and be,

What he is to me now.

But then I remember,

All through your relationship with him,

He was chasing me,

I sometimes think you two were meant to be,

But then again,

If you are,

How did the attraction of Susie put an end to that?

Cute - maybe, but I'm not that strong,

As to tear apart true love...

Maybe I sound patronising,

I don't mean to, I'm sorry,

But I'm loving him for both of us now,

You don't need to worry.

He's got a new reason,

New reason to smile,

He still feels for you,

We both know that,

But he's with me now,

And you've got your new life,

I hope we can be friends some day,

I miss our chats.

About the 'D' word,

And the wax,

The 'love' and sex...

But in the mean time I wish you all the best,

Let's stop the bitching now,

Because I'm tired. Need my rest.

So I say goodbye now,

My fellow Tinkerbell,

I know we'll be friends again,

So... So long and farewell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm sorry but it's midnight and I'm poorly and I can't be arsed to write properly. Just wanted to apologise and put it all to rest. You know it's for you. So... yeah. Take care babe. Sorry.x

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Jenny Barth's picture

it's okay.
I didn't just write that poem recently...I just waited for the time to put it on.
I like it so i didn't delete it even though it isnt true.

I like this poem.
It didn't exactly hit m with the truth but im sure if I still felt that way it would of done