He'll Give Me My Wings

I've never really been alive,

And everytime I made a wish,

Or had a dream,

Someone laughed in my face.

And everytime I tried to sit in the sunlight,

Someone would pull out a rain cloud,

And make sure I got fucking drenched.

I'd start to run,

Fast as I could go through the thick trees and plants,

And someone would trip me and smile.

Taunting smiles that drive me wild.

I don't know whether I want them to laugh,

Or pick me up when I'm fallen,

Lying on the floor naked and torn.


When I'm gone you'll be sorry,

Sad, alone and never glad.

You'll cry.

At least on the inside,

Because I won't be there to make you feel like a God.

I always knew it wasn't forever,

But I never knew we'd end our time together,

With me hating you - and you wanting me even more

than ever.

So say goodbye.

Cry, I'll wipe your tears one last time,

And then I'll walk away smiling,

As you sit in the corner crying...

And I leave you with this promise,

I will find my true love;

And he'll be everything you are... and more.

He'll give me my wings.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't really know who this is about or to. Go some idea. But don't know...

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Toni's picture

I luv this poem. i seen ur havin a hard time wiv some losers on here but keep up the gud work no matter wot they say u can write! keep it up ill check bak. x