I'm The One You Love To Hate

You pretend to be my friend out of curiosity,

Driving yourself mad as you continously,

Ponder over the question "What is it that she's got?"

And you cry because you're not me,

I am everything you're not.

Now you're calling me a fake,

What is it that I'm trying to be?

You? Hell, no.

Do I dye my hair blonde?

Lie to make my nose grow?

No. Because I'd rather be me.

My chavvy accent of which I'm proud,

Is here to fucking stay,

Just like I am baby so next time you come to play,

Why don't you drop on by without your little fucking crew?

I notice when you talk about me it's never 'I' with you.

It's all about the 'we' and 'us',

You can't stand up to me alone,

When my friends meet up with yours,

It's yours who fuck off back home,

Leaving you in the street to try and play the games,

That I've already been through, darling,

But I'll play them all the same.

I'm sorry that when you were leaving,

He'd rather have been fucking me,

But that's because you're an easy fuck,

A blowjob.

You're not Susie.

I never lost anything,

Especially not to you,

If I remember correctly,

Your love would never do,

It was never enough to satisfy,

All of his wants and needs,

That's why he only likes to have you around,

Until the Number One succeeds.

You're just a little girl,

You have no idea about love,

Losing your virginity at eleven,

Doll, you're just a little slut.

Your poetry is about as witty,

Or emotive as a dead fish,

And you'll never see me shot in the head, my dear,

You'll never get your wish.

So love to hate me all you want,

But I'll never hate you back,

Because when all is said I'm done,

You're not the 'one and only' to my Jack.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hate you too, darlings.

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