Pain Song

Yes let them stab you,

I would love to see you bleed,

Have you screaming out for mercy,

See you falling to your knees.

Don't think that I don't love you,

As I do, too much I'm sure,

But I'm not willing to let you break me,

Have fun with the little whore.

I hope you bleed together,

And not just from the sore,

That you'll catch from being in her pants,

But I hope you bleed for more.

Like these tears you've made me pour.

Those few minutes you lasted on the receiving end of her face,

Expanded, like elastic,

Enhancing your disgrace.

I hope one day you get dirty,

As dirty as I feel,

That you cannot escpae the clotted dirt,

Behind your kneecaps as you kneel.

As you wonder how you got there,

In shit and mud and grime,

And itching to swat the flies buzzing,

But they're there for all time,

You're wondering how you got there,

Forsaken and torn,

It's because you gave me away,

The day she got your horn.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Only really clever people will understand the meaning of this poem in full. The metaphors and use of some of the words like 'horn' at the end. Stupid people won't get it. End of. But that's not my loss, it's theirs. I'm clever. Thank ya. I like this one.

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deathflavoredgum's picture

Dude, this poem kicks so much ass. It's just too awesome (and I find parts of it funny, sorry if it's not supposed to have slight humor in it) But over all it's just great. Like the rest of your poems that I've read.... This one too is amazing.