I just wanna fly away

Sometime I wish I could fly, just sped my wings and fly up to the sky

Nothing seem to be working for me here, always sick and crying tears

I look to the sky and wishing that’s where I can be, somewhere with no

Stress and I can just fly free; I don’t have to worry about if he really loved

Me for me, and I won’t have to worry about all the people treating me mean,

So I just look to the sky and sit on the ground and dream, Will I ever get better?

Will I ever complete my dreams, or will I give up on life and throw away my dreams?

Man I wish I could fly somewhere so far I won’t have to gas up to go on this drive, I can

Just spread my wings and fly so high, so high u wouldn’t be able to see me at all, every one

Will wonder what went wrong, I’ll tell u what went wrong, a girl got tired of the weight of

The world weighting heavy on my shoulders, so I finally packed my things and ran for cover,

I hid for a while till the coast was clear, than I took to the sky away from all my fears and tears

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just how i feel

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