Find Yourself

I wish there was a day, when id wake up and feel as though your presence was well known, 

but now it seems as though we are trying to fix something that is already broken. 

I don't know if you broke me, or I broke you, but some how we broke each other along the way. 

Here I am trying to fix the pieces, that no longer fit because we have grown apart. 

Not because we know longer love each other but because there is something better and greater waiting for us beyond. 

So, this does not mean that I no longer love you, I am not giving up, I am simply saving us both. 

Being apart, will show us the life we have been misisng, it may be better, it may be worst, but for some reason we both need to explore it. 







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to much water under the

to much water under the bridge maybe,or to many hurts to mend

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I am not quite sure but there

I am not quite sure but there is deffinitely something. 

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like a yo yo with our

like a yo yo with our feelings

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agreed, quite frankly its

agreed, quite frankly its sad. And it even saddens me to write pieces such as this but that's how I'm feeling and it allows me to express it in a way I know how too. 

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well that`s what poetry is

well that`s what poetry is for,we can let it out in a poem

we can all relate