The key around her neck

As she scaled the steps of my soul

I felt old I felt tired but I felt strong

For as narrow and steep is the climb

She felt confident that I would hold her up

And as she came upon my heart

She saw how it bled for her innocence

And it beat with such great devotion

A love determined for a cause so pure

And as she looked at the walls that encased her

My lungs inflated with hope

She could tell that my intensions were wholesome

That I was here to make her feel welcome

And when the steps ended she found a door

With a padlock and a plaque with her name

And with the key around her neck

She decided that she would walk in

It was fairly dark with just two windows

And the floors were covered with junk and trash

On the walls were portraits of past loved ones

And a broken record filled the room with sound

She thought how can this be such a beautiful soul

But have a mind so sad and broken  

She then walked over to one of the windows

And saw my view that I have to live with

Overwhelmed with fear, confusion and disgust

She dove out and landed back in her own world

And she forgot about me as easily as she loved me 

I can't expect anyone to understand

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i dont how i feel about this one... but i hope you enjoy it

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Reminds me of a painting

Reminds me of a painting I did more than a few years ago. Enticing words, a definite like on my part