We live lies (and believe them)


Like me you’ve been bombarded with truths

Yes I know that we live and that we learn

But lets take in consideration the proof

The faded map that dictates each turn

For our lives may seem abstract

Like clay that we can mold

But as our sanity may seem intact

We’re quick to have our own minds sold

So we trade willpower for fame

Subconsciously biased toward our peers

We file our wits against the grain

To make our lies seem more sincere

We take our love and dedication

And throw them into the fire

It’s like the thrill of masturbation

The cure to self-guilt is desire

But if we all could just put aside

All the shit that we confide

From this crooked meaning of life

There would be nothing left to hide

We’d have such dedicated compassion

That is true to it’s own definition

Not just shit that seems to happen

From someone else’s skewed decisions 

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love it...new fan.

love it...new fan.yes