Known Formality of Reality

For the sake of the mind of willing, defend the force that I have be given.

The notion of goals to see, devotion of the soul to the one for me.

Love to cherish throughout the time and beyond, growing together a stronger bond.

To know everything is real, to know to be where the path is clear.

To be one with the storm, and know where it will go and what it shall form.

Always getting tough yet not undear, the most of what you see is not what you hear.

Yet the form of what we are shall know it's way, learning by the day as me make our way.

Love together truly will remain, the love of one with the mind of the insane.

Focus of vision known and now free, the future in my mind is now reality.

Passion together as we were meant to be, my love for you as your love for me.

The known formality of reality..

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I hope your future likes it when she reads

because I sure as hell did

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Thank you.


Thank you for the interest in my work.

Brian Crowell
Young poet, best believe you should know it.