My sister's golden necklace

My sister’s golden necklace.


My sister has a passion for collecting all kind of stuff. Her room is full with all kind of things and strange objects; she has art, vintage furniture and jewelry, photographs, bookcases full of interesting books and magazines, a closet full of the latest fashion trends in clothes, footwear and much more. Sometimes when I go into her room I feel I’m in another place.


I think that all objects in her room are important for her but there’s a special thing inside that “museum”: a replacement of an old and cheap golden necklace with a personalized name pendant. Anyone who doesn’t know the history of this necklace can consider it funny because certainly, in that room there are objects of much greater value. The necklace with the pendant was a purchase on one of her trips to Europe when she was a teenager. Since she bought it, no matter which was the occasion she always wore it. Parties, trips, weddings, the necklace was always there with her. I can’t even remember her without that necklace; she wore it even when she was sleeping.

Everybody asked her where she got it (because although it was cheap it looked great on her long and slender neck) and she told them the story which was actually very simple an unimportant, I mean, she just bought it in a flea market in Paris.


One day the necklace just disappeared from his neck and she was very sad and desperate because she couldn’t know where it was and neither understand how she didn’t realize when it drop off his neck, so I decided to go and buy her a new one but this time it will be an expensive one to make sure it would last forever. Obviously it wasn’t the same for her and I couldn’t understand why if it was a better version of his old golden necklace, until I realized that it wasn’t the material, the brand or the price of it, it was just that that old cheap chain had so much meaning attached to her. That necklace represented friendship, independence, strength and who she was. It wasn’t about the old chain with the pendant; it was about her losing herself.


She doesn’t use the new one everyday, perhaps she still remembers that old necklace’ or maybe she is afraid of losing it again; howsoever she would wear it once in a while to live new experiences and make new memories.





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