Unsufferable Pain

Old stuff

My stomach knots up
Tight in pain
I hate this clear weather
I want it to rain

I want it clowdy
So that I can see
Not hold my head
And put it between my knees

I curl up tight
Into a ball
I roll in pain
And I hope not to fall

I lay in my bed
A pillow over my eyes
I use it to shut out the light
I use it to shut out my cries

The pounding inside
I can't take it anymore
So I get up and I
Run head first into my door

I fall back to the floor
A little blood on my hand
But it's all better now
I'm out cold... by the time I land

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this on 12-22-02 in rememberance of the week before.

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Adam Lobar's picture

I like it. I know that I could never write beautifull...like alot of people I know. So salute to you Bran. You keep on writing...