Eyes so deep, you can drown forever

Old stuff

As I look at you
Gazing into your eyes
I compliment you on their beauty
And then you go an sigh

I drown inside their depths
I get lost in them it's true!
Their so pristine and beautiful
They could only belong to you

So then I go
And stroke your cheek
And you look up
So I can peek
Into those green eyes
Which I cannot turn away from

So when you tilt your head down dear
Hiding them from my sight
I suffer oh so terribly
I suffer from this blight

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just found this one... I think it was written aroun 3/02

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vilmazab's picture

just want you to know that i love this piece, after all our eyes are indeed the windows to our soul.thank you for sharing.

Lindsey F's picture

Bran...You are a very good poet. I've read through a few of your poems and find them very deep and with meaning. I've written a few of my own, feel free to take a peek.