We ge so close

Yet stay so far

To think it all started

That night in the car

It was all a game

Yet matured real fast

Yet all that now

Is in our past

We're ready

For our next step

To take the plunge

And risk our necks

I'll put it on

And lay you down

And then the fun

Shall be done

We both want to

Hell, that's true

I just know I want to

To have sex with you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

umm....just bought condoms...XD

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Jessica Wehby's picture

;-) hey i like this poem

David Bolduc's picture

The nuns taught me one thing sure
and that's no matter how poor
-- a penny between her legs
and the chick won't lay eggs.


Kelly Koontz's picture

Lol i thought that was funny.And the comment was funny.^-^