My mind has been ravaged

My soul has been burned

My life has been torn to shreds

What's left of my body

To carry me through this

Is laughable at best

I go through life

Collecting dust

A pretty of sort

For someone

But why don't I stand up

And take center stage

And take control of my life

Make descions without relying on others

It's time for me to make my stand against the world

And the world beware....

For I have awakened a demon I cannot contain

I have broken down my barrier on keeping my mouth shut

On keeping polite secrets that people don't want to know

About themselves

I have given myself the courage to decide

Instead of ask others to

Why give input, when I can take it?

Why leave choices to others, at my expense?

Some call me a leader,

I call myself a follower

And I was a damn good one at that

Always did what I was told

Never thought about what I did

I was a mindless drone

Toiling away for the better of my leaders

Now I am taking back control of myself

I said it once

I shall say it again

...World beware

for Brandon has been unleashed upon you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't even know why i wrote this...i don't feel this way...it just seemed to flow....what is wrong with me....

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