I Wish

I wish with just one kiss

I could take away your pain

I wish with just one hug

I could make it all okay

I wish with just one touch

I could make today your day

But most of all, i wish right now

That somehow you could find

The courage that I know you have

Hidden deep inside

And use that courage from within

And be okay for now

Until I can be with you

To make this all go away

Until I can just kiss you

And take away the pain

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So true...

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Daniel P.'s picture

Wow. I like this poem a lot. I have a poem with the same title, so when I saw it on the random poem thing at the main page I pounced on it, only to see that it wasn't mine...But I really like it. It reminds me of how one of my friends feels about his girlfriend. This is just what he needs to see. Feel free to check out my site too.

Caitlin Truman's picture

You don't need to wish, Bran.
You already do.