No Sleep

Another night I stare at sky

Dreaming of how I'm your guy

All the while smiling

I think of us with happiness

And maybe a little horniness

Smiling a little shyly

But then doth comes the mighty tear

That comes forth when I peer

Out my window towards you

I wish I could be right there with you

Being there for crying on too

As I hear the soft dove coo's

Oh my, 'tis morning I have not slept

My thoughts of you have malicously kept

Me out of slumber I so badly need

I check the clock and certainly yet

I think of that huge homework set

But I get up, and my mouth do I feed

But then I stop to think a bit

And throw a little hissy fit

For I do not see you yet another day

I whine and complain, yet nothing prevails

Yet my heart on the wind, begins to sail

For not yet sleeping, I relized today's the day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had read this funny poem in Calvin and Hobbes with this kewl ryhme scheme, so I wanted to try the scheme. To my Caitlin

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Lola Margot's picture

You succeeded. You did rhyme in this one; and the context it's kinda cute too. Come check my "A poem with no rhyme and rhythm" :)