The Human Race

I appear young, though I'm not tis true

My age group falls behind me

Yet my elders already cross the finish line

In these early stages, we get ready for the changes

They train us for the "real life"

They teach us to play fair

Then they turn us loose, like a wild stampede

The only ones not led to the slaughter

Are the ones who cut in line

The ones who "cheated"

Then upon retirement, when our only foe is time

We prepare for the ineveitable

We get ready for our rest

May eternal sleep take us, we bless

When the beating stops, and we take the last breath

We cross that line, which only we have kept

We have finished this, yet only to start another

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another one for the Literary Fair.

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Lola Margot's picture

Nice logic in here. I stumbled on your photo at the postpoems random, so i checked it out. Off to read some more.