My eyes they water

Tears blur vision

Eye sight is not very clear

I close my book

And set it aside

As I try to peer

I know I am crying

This wonderful release

So rare a find I have

Very rare I can feel it

Or even express it

And the deed, done by fiction, has

Crying is something I dare not do

For being a man, it's not right

For I was raised to believe it was wrong

But now that I am crying

It makes me so happy

I wish I could burst into song

Author's Notes/Comments: 

January 16, 2002, 3:20 AM after reading Dragon Wings by Laurence Yep

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Megan's picture

Just b/c u r a man does not mean that u cant cry...what makes a man? is a man someone who can stick a huge needle in his arm and not even flinch?A man is someone who can show what they feel w/ no shame.I wish other people I know would read this poem.Mayb it can put some sense in them.Sry 4 the long comment. ; )