Snowball hopes

Snowball hopes


Wool cap

Can’t save me

From rapid


Of snow balls

From my peers

Attacking in waves


Need to focus now

I take snow shovel

And grab big pile

Then throw at

First two

They fall

And made time frame

For two of my

Snow balls

Hitting the other two

Fifth duck

And escape

Another pile

From shovel

Then I move left

Behind tree

And then behind

Small wall

That left from

Snow fortress

That was ruined

In yesterday attack

Of two brothers

Across the street

My companion was

Already at east


Throwing like hell

And hitting

All around

But enemy

Little war continues

Then other side

Made moving fortress

With pile on sleds

Pushing it forward

They approaching

We were prepared

With lot of snowballs

They was just

At our reach

We were ready to shoot

And they to throw

Whole pile at us

Just at that crucial moment

Our moms call us

For supper


And all wet

We declare truce

And end for day

Until another one

And another

Friendly war

On snow covered land

Of endless possibilities

Childhood dreams


And trust in better tomorrow

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KindredSpirit's picture

A dusting today

But I like your poem

And the memories.

In fact;  the day before you wrote this me and my brother were talking

About the fun we had in our " snowball wars "

In our neighborhood.

We had some Big ones too.

A lot of tough kids in my hood.


We go back to the little things.


Big Dreams.

borbug's picture

Yes exactly, somewhere in

Yes exactly, somewhere in that time we got our first lessons from life about is good to remember