I never wanted to be famous

Never wanted any kind of glory

I thought that it is reserved

For special kind of people

Those kind that

Was born with that

But as time pass by

I more and more

Want my five minutes

That moment

That piece

It would be only mine

Blaze of glory

Blast of fame

That spot on the top

So I wonder myself

How it is to be famous

To have all and

Even more

That you need

To get everything on plate

Cars more than I can drive

Girls more then

I can handle

Friends more then

I ever will know

More suits then

I can wear

More dinners then

I can eat

Everything paid

Everything for free

And my signature

On expensive stuff

But I need only five


Probably more then

I can handle



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I Pray For Boris

For He Not Greedy.

His Five Minutes

He Is Needy.


A little poem

I will put out


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Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot