I don’t want

I don’t need

Anchors in my life

People that drag me


That put sticks

In my wheels

I need wide spread sails

I need full speed

To run ahead

And confront obstacles

I don’t need grim faces

And boring stories

Excuses from empty

Shell of humans

I don’t want to be

Tied down

Just because

They are so called


Because they are here

Just when they

Need something

Those false

Calculated friendships

Where are friends

When you really need them

But only few true one

That could pledge

Their life’s for us

In case of need

I don’t need

Heavy stones

On my boat

That will only

Tip it over

Useless bricks

That will sink it

I want to help them

To teach them

To be better persons

But I don’t feel

Pity for those

Who don’t want

To help them selves

I can’t live

Their life

For them

So I don’t need

And don’t want

Human anchors

In my life



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schmuckjones's picture

Thank You

For writing/posting this I like it very much, along with your style.  This is something I needed to read.

borbug's picture


thanks a lot, cheers