White dove

White dove


Up into the sky

White dove fly

Carrying the branch

That means peace

A symbol by any book

By any standards


And unique

But he remains

Only that sign

Remains on the paper

Peace sells but

Who is buying

Bargain with

Total fiasco

Nobody cares

Who dares

To ask questions

About who got more

Who got bigger

And stronger


Fast attack

Even faster response

Collateral damage

Counted in millions

Poverty and hunger

As bi products

Of war machinery

Slaved world

On piece of bread

No clean water

For bloody sheets

Finger on trigger

And brain on drug

With lies

Governments feed masses

They make refugees

But they also exile them

Return at the beginning

Life without a meaning

No future

No tomorrow

Slowly beauty

Countries turning

Into waste lands

Cities into ghost towns

Waste of humanity

Taste of led

Just grown teeth


So that cant bite

Eyes swollen from tears

Bones heavy from


Nowhere to settle

Always a battle

Up into the sky

White dove fly








KindredSpirit's picture

That is the question my friend

When and Where

Could the White Dove fly

To find Peace and Security.


borbug's picture

utopya banished, never to

utopya banished, never to find piece until no one remains to tell