Useless info

Useless info


I have problem with


Not with ones

That I can use

But with ones that

I don’t want even

To hear

From people that

Make me bored

Useless talk

Over and over


All the time

Make my head

Want to explode

Too much noise

They made

There’s no use of them

Boring talk

Boring life

Make other people

Overload with

Useless information

Problems begin

When that information


And suffocate

Bright and sharp


That is the moment

When you start

To ask yourself

Why do I need all this

Then you

Shout them up



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KindredSpirit's picture

They put the same news

On an endless loop to ingrain

Your brain.

And then the commercials

Make a man like me say

Oh my God

Give me a fricken break !


borbug's picture

hell yeah

hell yeah