On lined

On lined


I remember the time

Without internet

Without computers

And smart phones

I was kid

But I was happy

We used to play outside

All day long

We went home just

To eat and sleep

We played soccer

And drive skateboards


We get dirty and muddy

But we didn’t care

We watched terminator on vhs

Speak over land line

Play hide and seek

And stay on the street

Late at night

Streets were safer

Back then

School was boring

But we know for respect

There happened first loves

First fights

And first friendships

We listen music from tapes

Go to concerts

And live performance

We drink beer in front

Of small grocery stores

Play on the river bank

Watched ships pass by

We were brawer in

Our hearts

There were no limits for us

But then we all

Went online



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deepinyourdreams's picture

I remember those day, long

I remember those day, long ago and far away'



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Good old, simple days.

Good old, simple days.