Fear in people eyes

Nobody talks

Nobody moves

Twenty years we live like rats

Now we are ready for twenty more

Heads down

Eyes on the ground

Even clock stops

When leader prolonged

His bulshit for today

We are shipwrecked

Somewhere in the middle of desert

Forgotten by others

That stomped over our bodies

On the way for better tomorrow

Stick our necks in sand

We shout eyes

Clench fists

Tighten teeth

Until storm pass

But it won’t pass

It just stays on our spines

On our weak necks

Starved with false promises

Blinded by mindless games

Forced to be deaf

Dumb and blind

Hooked on infusion

Of government lies

Already dead

Mingle in

Empty human leftovers

That use to be proud citizens

Scars wide open

Cracked moral

Ill humanity

Nothing but to be refugee

Calculated imbeciles on the throne

Followed by drones

Of used-to-be humans

Paid and oiled well

To spin wheels of machine

That eats its own children

Drugged and stiffed

Are those who can do something

Revolution is only word

On paper from dictionary

Media controlled by regime

Pushed to elections

That is already bought

Sweet talk until

They get your vote

Slime prime minister

Mass on the streets

Lost jobs

Lost use of existence

Child unborn

Because of poverty

Today is another day

Without milk and bread

Live on crumbs of yesterday

Turning into zombie

Nothing else to loose

But no direction to choose

All is the same shit


Slaughter house

Voiceless scream

I throw all in

Nothing else left

Inside four walls

Of my state

That accuses me

To do nothing

To try nothing

They don’t know

I’m helpless

I’m hopeless

Stood in front of tank


Yell hard on demonstrations


Beaten hard by police


I got nothing from all that

From my country nothing

But debt and wounds from army service

All flags are the same

All national anthems are the same

Prolonging peace

But brings lies and suffering

I’m shamed to be called

Citizen of this country

Shamed to have dictators for presidents

Shamed to be nothing

In this universe of governments

So I pledged my life

On path for better tomorrow

By any mean

By any method








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KindredSpirit's picture

A strong poem my friend

Long and Strong.

A Rant that's Worldwide.


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I agree...thanks a lot

I agree...thanks a lot