Last arc

Last arc


We become one

From  the spark and blast

Of universe

We speeding in fast lane

Toward that spark again

Curvy our road is

But sure

We gonna slam

On its end soon

We send objects into air

Just to come back to us

In great trouble we are

Yeah sure

Just run it

Thru Cerns accelerator

Will meet at its other end

But tube is round

What goes

It comes around

We are raised on

Boomerang thinking

Launched with bolt thrower

Digits and numbers

To increase speed

But we are driving

Over speed bumps

That gives us warning

For those black and yellow lines

We don’t care

Just keep speeding

We don’t use breaks

While black smoke

Is raising

And parts falling

This vestal that we abuse

This last arc

Called earth

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good one!!!

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thanks a lot, thank you for

thanks a lot, thank you for reading, cheers