Rooted doom


Rooted doom


All essence of universe is danced

True tribal dance

Of South America Indian girl

They still know things

That we forgot long ago

Life is between trees

We lost the touch with earth

Big rock that give us sanctuary

But not from ourselves

We constantly cut branch

That we sit on

We fall and break our necks

Those that saw us

Doesn’t learn

They do the same thing

We play same tune over and over again

All the time

Sharp notes tear our ears

But we don’t mind

Over and over again

We propelled ourselves

With rockets into sky

Ready to leave

And drop our chances

Down on earth

That’s already a mess

Every day we got warnings

Tsunamis and earthquakes

Flood and drought

Hunger and overeating

But we still don’t care

What the hell is wrong with us

Now back to those roots

Those feet that still dance

The rhythm of centre of world

Those feet tuned to

Frequencies of core of earth

Those feet make earthquakes

Becoming one with mountains

Following rivers downfalls

Don’t disturbing yawn of colibri

And haul of wolf

Becoming one with dust

That wills at the end cover us all

And leaves on trees

Keep growing again

Greener than ever

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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

good poem

i like the imagery and the point of view

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thank you

thank you