everytime it looks so great,

the moments i've lived.

everymorning's being late,

when it seems totally filled.

all seconds cryin now.

don't know why,don't know how

the tear climbing the suffering.

the gray colored everything.

feel like i wanna come nude.

feel like jump out of skin.

trying to think i'm not wood,

helping my mind to relax and win.

very black is my sight.

no candle, no light.

thoughts are a train,

every car is different.

so the train couldn't move,

all is driving me to madness,

or may be to the sickness.

but the pen explained and told,

all of them (i'm just bored).

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hanan's picture

this is very good and can discripe our think in alot of times
but your arabic words is very gooooooooooood and nice i saw it in your comments about my poem
why u dont write arabic poems in this web page ?????????