We don’t know

What life’s about

Sometimes it’s just

How it turns out


Our time on earth

Is not forever

We come and go

Just like, bad weather


At work and play

Our time is spent

But in the end

What has it meant


To change the world

If we succeed

Are we, remembered

Or, just the deed


Does what we’ve said

Or what we’ve done

Have meaning only

When we’re gone


And if in time

We are forgot

Our life on earth

Was all for not


Is what we do

Or what we say

Kept in a record

In some way


If what we’ve done

Whether good or bad

No longer matters

Is that not sad


If we didn’t contribute

Had nothing to bring

Are we null and void

Not worth a thing


The only way

That we endure

Is in a memory

That’s for sure


Is this our destiny

For what we’ve wrought

Are we worth a memory

Or are we not

BOEMS by JA 85  

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