Another day of anguished waiting

My earthly life, now put on hold

Another day, that I am hating

Of my death, I have been told


My life is now an hour glass

My days, those grains of sand

Veiled by tears, I watch them pass    

As I am funneled, to my end


I cannot slow or stop the flow

Each grain, thus bleeds my heart

All earthly things, I should let go

But as yet, not ready to depart


My sorrow strikes like lightning

Piercing bolts of what’s to come

My doubts and fears keep heightening

Until deaths hand does me succumb


In this world, I’m just a speck

My life, sifting into death

As that last grain, slips past the neck

I’ll take my final breathe


I wonder if, I’ll fly on wings

Or be prodded by a scythe

Will my remorse, then save my soul

When I am forced, to leave this life


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KindredSpirit's picture

Good poem Bob

I feel it too.