New adventures.

What to say; I'm starting my new life with shine and smiles,

I never felt so alive than I do right now bouncing like a child,

The dread that follows me; too afraid to hurt cause I will tell,

I will have to move on even without people I count on, oh well.


Positive things are so much healthier than dark trails,

I feel lightning striking threw my fingers; I'm ready to embrace this old world,

Ready to bring my power out; I hope I do more good damage than I think, HAIL, 

Reasons of respect flow, but when it comes to right and wrong I'm never perfect, a great fail.


People love me for who I am yet I hurt myself more than others; I'm tired of being me,

Reaching my goals day by day; I love who I am inside just wish people understood me thoroughly,

What I want is something so special yet how do you make family realize its for the best; roughly,

I'll never be the dull bulb that dies early; I break rules, dance like I'm 15, Love like theres no tomorrow.


I want approval yet I don't care what you say I just want to leave,

I'll leave marks of course; don't be hard on me I have feelings too; even when I'm rebellious,

Sometimes I wish there was nothing but simplicity; we all know thats not real,

All problems come with feelings; only we reach for the good ones that sometimes don't follow; at least I shine like medallions.


All the love, hate, pitty, sorrow, wonderful, exciting, and exotic things I've experienced before don't compare,

This amazing trip I'm planning; call it long but romantic, and sorta like a family reunion; even friends are family,

Never say never I hear; even though Never say Never came true, haha, I fought hard for what I believe in now and then; life seems fair,

Life feels like a huge adventure you never run out of time till your old; no ties and no rules as long as you live that way though rules always apply,

We never run out of things to say; our beliefs come into play so I guess rules apply. Just don't let people bend your fate, rules are yours as supply.