Stand up off the floor.

If I made $5 from everything you broke we'd be millionaires and I'd not feel any better,

Drag me around, flip me to the side, accuse me of being a bitch, well I have to refuse,

I can't live a lie marriage; everyone believes we're a fairytale but I'll write a letter, 

Every time I pitch in when you invite me to, no matter what I say, all you do is accuse. 


I'm scared to reach out; I hate to be a cry for wolf but it's not a lie that I need help, 

Do I deserve to be screamed at every waking hour, like an ice cream bar, I will melt, 

I want to be washed down the drain, my ears bleed with every screech of the belt, 

I can't steady my legs; I feel them collapse before my eyes like a flower I wilt, 


I will never see you the same ever again after putting that grave image in my head, 

You can't imagine the hurt you caused me before I ever exploded back into your eyes, 

Acid disintegrates everything; my anger can never be seen as nothing, yet it's still fed, 

I've never meant anything to anyone; just one more bitch complaining threw cries. 


I've learned; never depend on anyone because all you are is a big tattle tale, 

I feel like the only grown up in the fight, because of it, I'm the stupid bitch who tells, 

Nothing could ever be wrong with you; Mr perfect in your perfect underpants, you fail, 

I fail but at least I admit it; you destroy everything you touch and it always smells. 


I can't let you destroy people's belief of me; I can't stand by and be helpless any more, 

I let you rip me up like a piece of trash, flood me to death, let your anger destroy me, 

I will kick and scream; no one will ever be there for you so stand up off of the floor, 

I called out; all I heard was I need to change, yet, I can't be here because I must flee.