Revelation comes in various ways.

Revelation comes in various ways,

Not solely from our Holy Book,

It also beams from lanes of Cyberspace

And does pop up discreetely like a spook;

War is waged against foul terror’s rule,

And fierce the  fight and hate ‘gainst Israel,

But Peaceniks render efforts void and nil,-

Behold they picket for the force of hell.

Betray their land, are hypocrites to boot,

Support the deadly foe,- disgrace and shame,

Ignoring the grim conflict’s cause and root,

And picket in old Beelzebul’s name.

Whose agents hide already in their cells,

And peaceniks picket to support this foe,

Who will reward them soon with rocket shells

Till they explode and leave the here below.

These folks stay mum and do refuse to hail

And praise our fighting soldiers in Iraq,

But milk to death the Abu Grabi Tale,

And vindicate the barbarous murder thug.

Beware!- they kill the bright and saving plan,

But spit returning soldiers in the face,

And spit upon the war-broke veteran,

Hezbollah’s friends they are –  the nation’s "Ace".

Hezbollah so beholden to Iran,

And Chief Nasrallah,  pal of Beelzebul

Keep weaponry and rockets spick ad span,

To soon establish the Islamic rule.

The bright poetic garden too reveals,

The absence of the sacred truthful muse,

Though from afar she still her banner wields,

That reads: “Salvation’s weal comes from the Jews*

Oh like the Phoenix  she rose up again,

From her dark ashes of the Holocaust,

Defying rockets and Katyusha rain,

And long-range missiles from the devil’s host.

Some poets howled and shrieked when rockets fell

Amongst the missile-hiding Lebanese,

But mention not long-suffering Israel,

So fiercely hated by these entities.

T’is hatred 'gainst heroic Israel

That makes them shriek for a destructive peace,

They  root,- root for the victory of hell,

That uses human shields, while missiles whiz.

Hezbollah surely will mythologize

The town Bint Jbail as it’s own  Stalingrad,

Where Russian fighting men that fed on mice

Beat  German troopers  in their own jihad.

Fiends hide weapons ‘mongst civilians,

Violating thus war’s basic law,

Kids and mothers serve as shields and pawns,

As the pit spits vermin from its maw.

But lethal peaceniks now -  watch them advance

To desecrate brave soldiers’ funeral,

And blocking the police and ambulance,

The fire fighters and the shopping mall.

Instead of President, a Caliphat,

And good Old Glory,-  moon or Swastica

Below which watching muslim eunuchs squat,

Instead of George - a Moumadh ABDULLA.

Who ever can a war ‘gainst terror win?

With peaceniks as destructive entities,

Whose eyes gleam hate, whose spines ooze gelatine,

Who desecrating graveyards howl for peace.

With conscience dead, and focusing on pelf,

Behold them marching towards city hall,



Remember too HE spoke: “I have not come

To bring you Peace, but bring to you the Sword,

Division’s cause I AM "! - and thus by some

This very puzzling saying stays unheard. ***

Judgment is now, when human hearts are weighed,

Lo! In their depth, the breadth, the length and width,

Scales sink or rise and tell of love or hate

Across the Cyberspace’s bytes and bits.


Judgement is now, yes  judgement now takes place,

Click, and it’s all too clear to read and see,

Revealed it is through lanes of cyberspace,

NOW, NOW, - but Now does mean eternity.

*John 4:19-22

** Matthew 12/25-27

    Mark 3.20-30

    Luke 11-14-23

***Luke 12:51-53

Matthew  10:-34

© Elizabeth Dandy

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interesting piece, beautiful pics,evocative music, Curious is the last angel Rafael?