Birthday Coincidence

Oh Alice-Ann ! - Starlite’s Saint Nicolas

Who brings good things, and walks from site to site,

Your birthday nears, dear Alice Ann and thus

Let Starlite’s bards read this and underwrite!.

How patiently you walk from site to site,

A Guardian Angel for the  sadly lost.

The kindness of St. Nicolas whose light

Shone on the kids that needed comfort most!

Your  birthday Alice-Ann does  coincide

Precisely with the Feast of this great Saint,

Thus let the singers on this Starlite’s site,

Sing songs of praise to you without restraint.

Coincidences happen Alice dear

Your birthday crowns the Feast of Nicolaus,

But be assured we care, and do not fear

The Krampus Frank,- your cherished poet spouse.

St. Nick looks down with joy on Alice Ann,

Whose  feast falls on the  day of Alice’s birth,

He blesses her and her fine wizard man,

And all the starlets bound with glee and mirth.

Lo! Feast Days happen in an ordered way;

George Bernanos, the French playwright did say,:

“What’s called “Coincidence”  peremptorily,

Is the Lord’s Logic”-- and I do agree.

St. Nicolas - Bishop of Myra

who brings good things!

© Elizabeth Dandy

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really nice piece