Blow Fish - Lady of the Lake

Oath of Allegiance to mysterious Lady Blow Fish

"Wake up  you lazy bones awake! awake"!-

Thus called King Arthur to his napping knights,

"Get up  and get the Lady of the Lake,

Who is called simply “Blow Fish” on some sites.

"We swear allegiance and our troth to her,

For here, at Camelot shall Blow Fish dwell,

The beautiful, elusive, bright and fair,

To rule as queen in our citadel.

Put down your sword tips on this table round,

And then prepare the solemn oath to swear,

And after that you will be duty bound

In knightly fealty and in troth to her.

And waste no time dear knights for heaven’s sake,

And bring the lady here that gently blows,

Lo! Blow Fish is the lady of the Lake,

As bard and minnesinger full well knows.

She is befriended with a Knight in Blue,

This state of things I will not tolerate,

So hasten knights now, hurry and pursue

Your task sublime, which can no longer wait.

The court does witness the solemnity,

A missile is sent out round the world,

Bards do record it for posterity,

While Camelot’s bright banners are unfurled.

The missile will explode as it draws nigh,

To break the crust of plum or raisin cake,

Or in a cheese pastrami pizza pie,

To honor Blow Fish, - Lady of the Lake.

But violent jealousy obscures the sight

Of Grail Knight  Lancelot and Sir Gawain,

And many more of the assembled knights,

And noble guests and their dependents' train.

The bards keep singing, while the grail knights fight,

Trail-blazer Galahad fights tooth and nail,

Each hopes to win Dame Blow Fish as his bride,

And all forgot to search  the Holy Grail.

But Arthur, King, himself desires her,

She does delight the cockles of his heart,

Forget the damsels and  Queen Guinevere,

T’was Lady Blow Fish who removed his wart.

Her touch did it, lo Blow Fish’s wondrous touch,

Made vanish some carbuncle and the wart,

And healed the warrior leaning on his crutch,

By blowing on the wound with consummate art.

Wise Merlin, counselor, magi, wizard, elf,

Told Arthur King: Make Lady Blow Fish Queen,

It's fair and right to and keep her for yourself,

And let your Guinevere weave and spin”

Ah! since he met the Green Knight, Sir Gawain

Has changed in his psychology,- it’s clear,

He is still irritated and would fain,

The pull and box the reckless warrior’s ear.

The Green Knight yells, much piqued with  jealousy:

“Parbleu!- she‘s mine” cries Grail Knight Lancelot,

“Shut up French man,  Dame Blow Fish is for me,

Go back to France and leave Burgh Camelot".

And Knight Gawain, fierce anger on his brow,

Deals Grail Knight Parceval a blow,- "beware

Who covets Lady Blow Fish is brought low,

For Lady Blow Fish likes her table Square.*

A battle fierce breaks out amongst the knights,

“Shut up! shut up!” speaks Grail Knight Parceval,

While Arthur king aghast turns out the lights,

And pours cold water on the knights withal.

But in the end the warriors agreed

To have with the Mysterious a tryst,

And Lady Blow Fish of the Lake to meet

To have their hopes and fancies realized.

*Her blowing heals the hurt, the wound and bruise,

Remember this fair bards and poet peer,

And don't forget to greet her zippy muse,

And give her blowing your attentive ear!.

Elizabeth Dandy

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