Transfiguration 2

The only time on earth they were allowed

To see His splendor and His majesty,

Before His Passion and the  henchmen’s knout,

To glimpse  His glory in eternity.

And terrified they fell into the sod,

Before the wondrous vision and  in awe

Veiled faces as   they heard the voice of God

And quaked and shook at what they heard and saw.

The Master's face shone like the sun's bright beam,

While He did earnestly with them confer-

His garments had a dazzling glow and gleam

And a mysterious thrill went through the air.

The Master, Moses, and Elijah thus

In deep reflection stood upon on the hill

Surrounded by the glory, to discuss

Profoundest matters and the highest will.

And Peter cried out: "We shall raise three tents!-

Entreating them aglow with fervency;

"I'll go to get the needed implements

To make a fitting dwelling for you three".

But soon the scene was darkened by a cloud

And from its fleeting cracks a voice called out:

"This is my Son!, - do listen to His News!-

His Tidings are the way, the life, the truth.


Transfigured on the mountaintop was He,

And promised that transfigured we shall be,

But how and into what we do not know,-

By faith and hope we all live here below.

Our puny minds so little can conceive,-

Transfigured we shall be - we must believe,

And trust  the pledge of the Eternal Word,.

Oh blissful change for those that love the Lord!

by: Elizabeth Dandy

Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord August 6/06.


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profound piece!