Thirty Years From Now

Against All Odds

Yesterday you told me,
Why did we not meet 30 years ago?
And I said to you,
Well, we have 30 years ahead of us...

Who was I kidding?
I was lying
You don't belong to me
You belong to her...

Our meeting was a stroke of fate
But who says fate always work with us
Sometimes, however hard we try
Fate won't grant us that ultimate fairytale ending...

Our love, our union...
We can only take it day by day...
We really can't look ahead and say
thirty years from now it will be you and I..

You belong to someone else.
You professed your love for me,
I professed my love for you
But that's not enough to convince the gods that we
are meant to be together for the rest of our lives.

You belong to someone else...

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Starward's picture

Great poem!

I am just emerging, somewhat gingerly, from such a situation. It is never easy. The pain has gone from a sharp twinge to a dull ache, but it is still there.


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Celandine's picture

Thanks. I hope you're feeling

I hope you're feeling better now...