Broken Things

Do broken things, ever really mend?

will the cracks ever fade away,

leaving you better off, than before.

Or is it that, they will always lie broken,

cast aside, like dirty clothes,

soiled and forgotten, on your bedroom floor.

Do you decide to keep them,

once you've worn them in,

or is it better to, just throw them away,

so you can move on to the next might've been,

in hopes of something more.

Will you just use them, until you're bored,

of using them, for all their worth,

do they keep the lonliness away,

maybe they make you, hopeful for better days.

But even broken things, used as they are,

only take so much, let it go so far,

their beauty may not gleam, like once it did,

when you've been broken and used,

certain lessons are learned,

that you'll never forget.

Even broken and flawed,

claiming only a beauty, that's marred,

there comes a time when you have to say,

yes, when you have to just, walk away,

so you aren't broken and used again.

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Candice Smith's picture

This was beautifully written; I know the feeling all too well.