Untitled -- 7.4.2005

Is this real dear, is this for me,

or are you here, just here....

to steal some more of my sanity.  

this is my song, for the broken hearted,

this is my memorial, for those who's lives,

never got started.  

Happiness is there, but you gotta reach,

in order to have a life, you have to live,

cast out those demons, lose the self hate,

believe in your beauty, and always reach a hand out,

just reach out, to those still crying on their knees.

Life is suffering, but there is joy too.

You can't feel good, without feeling pain,

your heart wouldn't love, if it couldn't hate.

You can't give someone true love, unless you first,

love yourself.

this is my song, about the broken hearted,............

It's not done and I'm leaving it for later.  I don't know where to take it right now.

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